Axle counters system

hello Team, I need help with my project. the basic function of the project is to count in and count out an axle wheel using proximity sensors and transmit the data over the RF module. I will appreciate it if anyone can help with the codes for a fee. thank you. My preference with be someone in London

Not much detail there. What are the sensors? Have you got them detecting axles? What receives the radio signals?

What is the environment, how fast does it have to operate? What type of enclosure will it be in? How will it be powered?

the sensors are proximity sensor. two at the entrance of a block section and two at the exit of the block section. Until a train leaves the block section, that section is declared occupied. the prediction of it being declared occupied or unoccupied depending on the count in equalling the count out. kindly link up in linkedIn for better explanation and plan

Sorry I do not use social media! It sounds very similar to counting the people in a room which there are several Arduino solutions on the web.

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