Azteeg X1

Will any other version of Arduino work with the Azteeg X1 board. I've been messing around for about a week with no luck. I'd sure appreciate any assistance

The Arduino family is a controller. The AZteeg X1 board also is a controller. Why do you need two controllers?

Sorry my bad it was super late and my original post should have been Arduino software (IDE)

Why did you think that the Arduino IDE would support that board?

I was asking if there was. I think it's listed in the boards.h of the new version Azteeg X1 is listed, so I was wondering if is was backwards compatible, or if I was doing something wrong.

More use was this single snippet from the main site.

"Atmel ATMEGA1284P with FT232RL FTDI USB chip. (ATMEGA 644P on v1.0)"

From that you can deduce the following


And many many more just using Google.

Of course the IDE will accept it. You simply need the correct boards package installed in the first place. Then probably the "FT232" drivers which are in the Arduino folder in the drivers sub directory.

OS would have been nice to know as that may present a different issue esp. with mac's or win 10

Thank you ballscrewbob I appreciate the time and effort you took to reply. Im an old guy relatively new to Arduino :)

Old here too 60+

Also still quite new in the scheme of things to Arduino as as well.

Been busy past few days. Windows 7. Still no luck. Was going to go back to IDE version 0023 but it seems link is broken

Quick update:
I did get the IDE 0022 to work with X1 but I had to locate and older version of Marlin because 0022 wouldn’t open the files, appears the file format was changed.
Now just need to get the original VIKI panel to work. I found the Wiki and the instructions on Panucatt website. Marlin V 1.0.1. Finally found where to put the assignments (see Image)