Baby Orangutan as an Arduino

Hello, I've never messed with Arduino cloners and the like. But I found a website selling Pololu baby orangutan 168 controllers really cheap and was wondering what kind of drama I would have to make them program with the ardy software? I do have a FTDI cable, and a FTDI basic breakout board - 5v

thanks for the advise!

Could I load the bootloader this way? These directions sound easy enough.,75658.0.html

But I'm still not sure on connecting it to FTDI. I would think the 6 pin ISP they use could be adapted to the Ardy software. Though I've never tried using an ISP with an Ardy, or own one for that matter. Is there one that is know to work with a 6 pin ISP?

Sorry if I sound "newby".

Might be tough to buy:

“This product has been discontinued.”

Promini’s are not expensive

Or you can get one of my mini-uino PCBs for $2 and build up your own.


Sorry, I found my answer hidden somewhere in this forum. I did a search for ISP and found a tutorial. Thanks!

CrossRoads: Might be tough to buy:

"This product has been discontinued."

Yeah, but they replaced it with a blue one.

Good deal if you need the combination arduino/motor controller.

I was looking all over for that, couldn't find a link to it.

Will have to do a little fooling with one or two Arduino files to address the faster clock:

Processor: ATmega328P @ 20 MHz

Can I see a parts list for Mini-uino please? If you could include a link...

Pretty simple
ATMega328xx-AU (no letter, P, or PA)
10K pullup resistor
four 100nF caps
16 MHZ xtal (or 4, or 8, or whatever speed you choose to run at, internal oscillator even)
two 22 pF caps (if xtal is used)

caps & resistors are 0805 size
crystal is HC49 package

I ordered a set of these parts to build a couple for myself from Newark:
Newark Part No: 22pF cap
70K9277 Manufacturer Part No:

Newark Part No: 10K resistor
64K2889 Manufacturer Part No:

Newark Part No: 16 MHz xtal
13J1628 Manufacturer Part No:

Newark Part No: 100nF cap
26R4046 Manufacturer Part No:

I have 0.025" square posts from other projects, you can get single row, double row, solder directly, male headers, female headers, your call for your project.

Newark Part Number: 14R4631
Manufacturer Part No: ATMEGA328P-AU