Back and forth data transfer between Xbee coordinator and router


I have recently been monitoring a stream with some arduino setup with an Xbee router S2C set up following Faludis book. The data are then sent to a coordinator on another arduino and then plotted up in processing. Coordinator is in API 2, and router is in AT mode.

The next step, however, is to control something like a servo or actuator at the router from a command at the coordinator. Faludis book somewhat goes into the basics of this, but not involving an arduino. The only library I have found is Xbee-Arduino . But the examples are terribly commented and explained. Wiring is non-existent.

Does anyone have any books, tutorials, examples to try to communicate data from router to coordinator, then send a command from the coordinator back to the router while being mounted on an arduino? I have the coordinator in API 2, and I have tried everything for the router.

Thank you.

Is there a way to do this with Arduino, or do I need to get rid of the arduino and go strictly through processing?