Back to work an old AT90S8515 8PC

Hello friends Today a friend of mine give me a old toy to play (AT90S8515) which already has been discontinued but I want to give live to him again. For now I want put avrdude speak with him, so I wire it to my usbtiny ISP programmer but no luck with it I don't now how the internal fuses are set or if I need to connect to him a cristal for the clock.

In avrdude I just used this command:

avrdude -c usbtiny -p at90s8515 -e -F

It fail the communication. Does I will be able to use the usbtiny on him? Since I don't know how the fuses are, should I attach the cristal and what value?

I know this micro is old with fews resources comparing with arduino avr,for someone I should seend him to the junkyard but I love do stuff with old things that I can find. Thanks for all

From the datasheet...

Either an external clock is supplied at pin XTAL1 or a crystal needs to be connected across pins XTAL1 and XTAL2.

Hello Hugo, did you had any luck porting the 8515 to Arduino?