back up hard disk

Hello I'm Dirk from the Netherlands.

I hope someone is able to help me. Yesterday the computer off my girlfriend was locked by hackers. I restored it by delting the hdd and install windows again etc. .
I've been thinking since how to automaticly back up an extra drive. by phisicly connecting and disconnecting the backup drive with an arduino. I found a video on youtube where someone added a button to automaticly start the backup when the button is pressed.

I use a program for backing up the ENTIRE SSD in my laptop. It is scheduled to run once a week, Sunday evening. The entire system is copied to a hard disk drive on the USB port. Did you write the program to back up the files?


Like Paul I do a scheduled backup of my HD using this free software. I used to use (non free) Acronis software but found it would not restore my raided HD correctly on the games PC where the free software worked okay, so I switched.

I keep as little as possible on the internal disk drive on my laptops. I have used an external USB drive and currently am using a 64GB SD card for my data storage. That way if the laptop croaks I can just connect the external "disk" to another PC.

I also use the RSYNC program (Linux) to copy changed data files to a backup USB stick.