Back up sound

HI all, im new to this forum and im having some trouble with a project im trying. What im basically doing is using the servo and attaching a camera to it to act as a "back up camera". This is just for show by the way. I have the program working where when i turn the potentiometer the servo rotates. What i would like to do now is have it so that annoying beep beep beep back up sound comes on. I have the Arduino starter kit. Can anyone help me figure this out. I really dont know where to start or if it can even be done on the same board.


Hi Chris

There should be a project called Light Theremin in the starter kit. If you study that code, you should see how to get sound tones out of an Arduino.

For your project, do you want the "beep beep" to happen constantly, or only when the servo is in a particular position?



I would like it to be constant.

How loud? It's possible to get DC powered sounders that just emit a steady beep when powered up - you could just use a relay or motor drive shield/board to apply power to it and pulse that on an off to produce the beeps.

(If you want the project to output "warning, this vehicle is reversing" type announcements too, you'd need a different approach.)