Background Tasks

Does the Arduino run any tasks in the background unrelated to my program ? If so, can I suppress those tasks until my program finishes running ?

There are interrupts occurring in the background all the time such as keeping the millis() value up to date.

What is it that you want to do that you cannot do with things going on in the background ?

I am trying to use the Arduino to activate another circuit for a precise time interval. The reason I am asking is that I have used a Raspberry pi before, and its time keeping wasn’t not consistent.

aggre with above UKHeliBob. the ucontroller are pretty fast, no matter if has to "interrupt" from time to time for a slice of microseconds (depending on ucontroller). The project must be very demanding in order to have a problem with "backround".

Get a board that satisfies your basic needs (memory, pinout, pinin), try what you want to do and if not adequate then jump to a higher model.

Just saw your last post. A raspberry is not "just" a ucontroller, there is an operating system behind and thats a different thing

Thank you !