Bad CPU type in executable

Hello everyone! First off, I am new to using Arduino. I went to try and program my chipKIT uC32 for a school project and receive this error.

fork/exec /Users/ryanmccann/Library/Arduino15/packages/chipKIT/tools/pic32-tools/1.43-pic32gcc/bin/pic32-g++: bad CPU type in executable
Error compiling for board chipKIT uC32.

I have done some research online and here is what I have done so far. I have downloaded the software in the Arduino app for chipKIT boards. I have used Arduino 1.8.10 and 1.8.11. I have seen other forums explaining how to fix this and have done my best to try different suggestions. I am really new at this and programming in general. Is there a straightforward way to fix this problem? Many people in my class with a Mac are experiencing the same exact issue.

The issue you are having is that Catalina will only run 64bit apps. The Bad CPU type error is its way of saying 'I no longer support that old stuff man!'

You will have to chase down a 64bit version of the chipKIT tools for OSX.

Good luck.