Bad pin D13

Hello, I am working on a project. The project uses 12 servos, so I use up pin D2-D13. D2-D12 work just fine, the problem come in with pin D13, D13 was work for awhile, but now it stops working probably because of my bad soldering. The pod on the PCB of the Arduino Nano is gone due to overheating, it doesn't make contact anymore. I don't know how to fix it. Any idea?
Also I have the analog pins available, can the analog pins convert to digital pin? Thanks.

The analog inputs (pins A0-A5 or 14-19) are digital pins with analog input as a special function, so yes, they can be used to control servos.

To get your D13 pin back again you could tack a small gauge wire (enameled magnet works well for this sort of thing) to the pad of the LED, then to the header pin.

A6 and A7 may not be used as digital outputs. Those pins may only be used as analog inputs.