Balanced audio shield

Hello, I have to build few prototypes Arduino-based to acquire a balanced signal audio. I want to make a simple vu-meter. It's not a big deal but it would be nice if there is a ready-to-work shield which can accept a balanced audio signal and feeds the same signal filtered to the ADC. In this way I can avoid to make a custom board or to use an empty shield filled with flying components...

Do you know any shield as such?

Thanks in advance

I doubt you'll find anything like that, since you only find balanced audio connections in pro equipment.

If you don't mind "cutting corners", you can probably use one side of the balanced signal. The main advantage of balanced connections is noise immunity, and with the Arduino's 10-bit ADC, any common-mode noise picked-up in the line is probably well below 1 bit anyway, so it shouldn't matter.