Balancing bot Arduino project

I am new to robotics and i know that starting with balancing robot is not a good idea. I am sure i can proceed if someone has done it before with accelerometer and gyro and coded it. Can anyone help me?


AyushChand: Can anyone help me?

There are dozens of examples for you to read up and learn from if you google the terms Arduino balancing robot. Many of them are on this forum, there are many youtube videos and even some completely documented projects with fully published code and explanations.

There is no reason not to start with this presuming you'll be satisfied with just following someone else's instructions, though I'd recommend reading up before tackling anything entirely new so you can get yourself out of trouble when something goes not quite to the script.

Cheers ! Geoff

I would suggest you start with something that moves around but does not need to balance, so you can get the hang of writing sketches and controlling motors. Also get your head around the control algorithms that people have developed to make things balance. It's not a simple problem and not something you're likely to crack just by trying things at random.

As Peter says, it's best to start with a simple bot and move upwards from there. Robotics involves knowing about many different areas - mechanical, electrical, fabrication, computers, programming, sensors, on and on. It takes some time to get it all together.

The following is a good resource for balancing bots, with lots of additional links,

There are also some balancing bot threads in the Robotics section of this forum.