Balancing robot explosive fail

This is CUTSIE WHUN, a balancing robot project in colaboration with Visuino developer Boian Mitov. What you are going to see is a warning to the tinkerer community. Double and Triple check your wiring in small complex robots.

What you will see is a capacitor pack failing inside his head This was a simple error of plugging in the plug backwards to the power supply. It is meant to provide some power stability to the RC radio receiver that is also in his head.

That was a good one.

Just the other day I did the same and didn't get beyond smoke and a seriously overheated electrolytic cap.

And another connection error made a MOSFET have an identity crisis, thinking it's an LED or so... It was glowing quite bright. Still don't understand really how that happened.

If you've never seen smoke, you're not trying hard enough :-)

Balancing robot

This wasn't a failure, but it made me laugh...

Somebody on TV was demonstrating a humanoid robot, knocking it's feet out from under it and showing how it could stand -up by itself. After a few times I was expecting the robot to get ticked-off and punch the guy or something! I know it's not programmed for that... It's really no different from stopping a motor with your hand, but I just couldn't help imagining it!