balancing robot-using arduino deumilanove

hello.....i am trying to balance a two wheel cart.....using state space observer design.... i dont know how to write the program for a state space controller in the arduino software....... :-[ Plz if some one cud help me out wit dis.....

School project, huh?

It would be helpful to know what sensors you have to detect the orientation of the cart, and what devices you have to control the orientation of the cart.

It would be useful to know which Arduino you have, and how the sensors and controls are connected to it.

It would be useful to know what level of programming experience you have, and why you are (wanting to be)

...using state space observer design....

yea,its a school project....the constraint for me is to use state space design controller to balance it.. i have two motor DC brushless motors with motor drivers... IMU5DOF....gyroscope and acclerometer...and arduino deumilanove microcontroller based on ATMega168... well i managed to get it moving forward and backwards but its not balanced keeps toppling over.. and yea fr programmin i know C programmin

Are you reading data from the gyroscope? Are you reading data from the accelerometer? Do you know what to do with the data?

A quick google of "state space design controller" shows that it means simply to use the gyroscope and accelerometer data to keep the cart from falling over.

So, when the gyroscope indicates that the cart is leaning forward, you need to drive the motors forward, to get them back under the center-of-gravity.

When the gyroscope indicates that the cart is leaning backwards, back up, instead.

What class is this for, and where? Sounds like a fun class. I wonder if I can get my company to pay for me to take the course.

wel…i calibrated the gyro and accelrometer…and i get the readings…
its nt a a tiny robot exactly…it shud balance a weight of a human standing on it…which is a tough challenge…

I did a search in the forum for self balancing. Get a bunch of hits. I'd suggest that you do the same.

And, please, answer my last two questions.