Balancing seesaw with two brushless motors using two arduino

hi everyone, i don't know that what type of question it is. but i am thinking that it is possible to balance seesaw which has one brushless motor(with prop), arduino and mpu6050 on each end using pid control or if you know any method that work well in this case and how ?.

please if you know something or have any material video share here.
any suggestions are always welcome.

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I don't have any specific suggestions but you might want to look at forums that deal with drones.

i am new in forum. it is really helpful if you tell where i have to post.

The description for this category is
"Advice on general approaches or feasibility", which seems quite clear

Why two of everything? One Arduino, one sensor and two motors would certainly do the job.


because i tested with one it was fun but i want do this as just experiment and exited to learn something new. but before i buy second set i want to get some idea about it.

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