ball and beam project

my project is different, because I should use two brushless motors with airscrew on two side of a flip flop as runner force for ball and beam system(my ball and beam system is on the flip flop), I use a mpu6050 as accelerometer and balancer for the system and arduino mega.....I know anything about programming that.....
is there necessary use for mpu6050 for my project....anything you know, I'll be thankful you let me know.... or any programming samples that can help me out..

The only flip-flop I know is a rubber sandal and I can't imagine what a ball and beam on one of those with two brushless motors would look like.

Perhaps a photo/drawing and/or more detailed description of whatever you're actually talking about would make it easier to help?


this is what I meant…but this is when I didn’t assemble the ball and beam system

Inline OP photo