Ball Bounce Project

Hey all,

I am working on a project where I want my Toy(Ball) to send me the data of amount of force applied when it hits a wall or an object. The sensor resides inside the ball and data is send using a bluetooth.

My initial tries included using a piezo mic with preAmp and accelerometer.But none of them gave me satisfactory readings.

Is there any other sensor that can give me better data.

please suggest.

Thanks Nikhil

What's the problem of your current solution? Let me guess. The piezeo detect when the ball hit the wall, then trigger on the accelerometer sensor circuit, right? The response time and measuring range of accelerometer may be the problem.

Yes the piezo mic gives you the hit

But the amount of force with which the ball hit the object is the problem

I calculate the acceleration through accelerometer and then put it under limits so to see the fall in it . This give me a a scale for measuring the amount of force or deceleration that happened.


Pretty complex when you think about it. A thrown ball will hit a wall in some unknown orientation (it can be spinning, no?), so not sure any sensor other then internal pressure increase due to compression force, could be counted on to give accurate and consistant data values.

A differenitial pressure sensor (2 port) compairing the pressure outside the ball Vs the inside of the ball may be valid for the speed and angle at which it hits the wall and compresses at impact?