ballistic calculator program.

hi, anyone here who knows how to program a ballistic calculator in arduino?.. :)

Have you got a formula that does what you want ? If not, then find one.

Get user input for the variables in the formula, or hard code defaults, apply them to the formula and output the result.

It does not sound difficult except that floating point maths will be involved. Are you sure that the Arduino is the right tool for the job ? How about a smartphone app instead ?

a ballistic calculator

think this is too vague to answer as I can imagine the ballistics depend on: (quick braindump)

  • environment values like temperature, wind force and direction (of all airlayers involved), rain/hail/snow, are there trees, mountains in the trajectory
  • object parameters like weigth, form, point of gravity(?), rotation, interactiveness in air (does it loose weight like a rocket, does it change form like a snowball)
  • the device that "shoots" the object may influence, angle, speed, acceleration

with respect to the calculator, what needs to be calculated?

  • trajectory?
  • place of impact?
  • want a simulation?
  • may it be slow, or must it be real time, or faster?
  • accuracy?
  • precission?

quite some questions to answer ...

nevertheless, I expect an Arduino can do it to some extend as the very first ballistic computers were less powerful than an Arduino. but you first find the right math.

DISCLAIMER: in some countries ballistic algorithms may be considered illegal to have/use/export

in some countries ballistic algorithms may be considered illegal

Surely they're just applications of the basic laws of motion?

Surely they're just applications of the basic laws of motion?

imho they are ..

i've seen so several apps, that will work, but i want to make a prototype with embedded ballistic calculator, what i,m trying to do is first to make a simulation on matlab,, hmm is there any other microprocessor that is better than arduino that i can use?

The Arduino is not a microprocessor. The chip in it is a microcontroller. It is good at responding to external inputs and controlling external devices. What it is not good at is complex maths, at least not at high speed.

You may be better off doing the whole thing on a PC.

Involves pretty basic calculations for "good enough" accuracy but I would think it doable although I haven't tried it. I would probably use an EZSBC microcontroller although I don't see why and arduino would not be able to perform the math. Check out the explanation of the basic procedure to do the calculations, along with some great examples, at: I considered doing a project like this but there are several very good calculators on the Internet by ammo manufacturers that are so easy to access and use that I just make up a card for my bullets/loads and refer to those in the field. However, an microcontroller could be set up to read the temperature, altitude, humidity on the spot and do the calculations realtime. I've found the basic trajectory calculations to be sufficient, though, and pretty accurate to boot.