Balloon Project

Hi all,

I am a complete newbie looking to get into arduino for an installation I am working on and looking to get some vague overview of the areas I should be looking into and how different components relate to each other.

The project involves a large helium balloon around 3m diameter that will be attached via string to a winding mechanism similar to a rotating winch. I would like the string to be unwound allowing the balloon to rise to the programmed height at the push of a button and then after a 30 seconds automatically wind back again to another set balloon height.

Any overview / suggestions would be great! Thanks

The Arduino can easily control just about any electrical motor, given a suitable motor driver.

Please describe the winch motor and mechanism. How do you plan to measure the length of string let out?

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It would be possible, the method of determining your altitude will be the main concern,.

If you count your drum turns/position, you will get a reasonable reading of altitude, but need to take into account the changing diameter of the drum.
If you have a jockey wheel feeding the cable out, then you will have a more accurate measurement, but need to make sure cable contact with the wheel is good.
Altitude will also be effected by the angle of the cable with respect to the vertical.

The winch and power required will depend on the lift if the balloon and the mass of the cable along with pulling and holding the balloon against any prevailing winds.

What maximum altitude do you want to attain?
How much lift is a 3m helium balloon?
Is it legal in your country to have such a system up in the atmosphere?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

Imagine how you would do this with manual input on the winch remote. Outline the steps into a 'program'.
Then make an Arduino do what you were doing.