BAM&DICE - The new standard for arduino based 3D printer controllers

Dear Arduino Community,

We want to present you our newest project. The BAM&DICE Shield designed to control 3D printers and other machines.
The board connects to a Arduino Mega and provides high-power switches, inputs for sensors and connectors to stepper drivers. Just like the well known RAMPS Board.
The BAM Shield is fully compatible to the RAMPS board, so all software designed for RAMPS can be used without changes.
The main difference of the BAM shield is the PCI-E based connectors to the stepper drivers. This connector allows much more current the the commonly used pinheaders. Also due to the many more contacts, it also provides I2C, SPI and other interfaces.
This allows to connect SPI based stepper drivers, I2C port expanders and other extension boards.

The main stepper driver intended for 3D printers, will be the DICE-STK which can drive up to 3A and has up to 128x substepping for extra precision.

We are currently running a indiegogo campaign for this project to get enough preorder to make production affordable.
Take a look at: BAM&DICE - The new open standard for Arduino based 3D printers and more | Indiegogo

We welcome any suggestions, comments and hope for your support.

Dominik - 2PrintBeta