Bandwidth as input project

I’m extremely new to any of this, and have been trying to wrap my head around the basics for a while now, so please bear with me.

I’m trying to create a sort of bandwidth monitor. The idea is that arduino would read bandwidth usage from my router (via the ethernet shield I already have), and based on those levels, turn them into sound or light.

I’m having a tough time though getting my foot in the door, does anyone know how to do this?

It depends what information your router makes available, and how. (Now it is your turn to tell us what router you have)

It's a D-Link DIR-615

What url do you connect to to view the usage data with a browser ?
Does the router require you to log in ?
Have you managed to get the Arduino to connect to that url, or any other ?
Do the example programs for the shield/library work for you ?

  2. Nope, just selecting admin and an empty password 3.I don't know how :blush:
  3. They do, I think they do. I've tried a few out without failure.

Either the examples work or not. Do they do what they should, not just compile without error ?

Presumably at least one of the examples connects to a URL and gets text back, which sounds like what you want to do. Can you provide a link to the shield that you are using ?

The ethernet shield is I believe this one here:

And I have been able to get some of them to work, although not all (simply because of a lack of troubleshooting commitment) but yes I have been able to get them to work, including the one that turns Arduino into a twitter client, which reads text back.

I'm just no sure how to do what I am trying to do using that knowledge

So, you can read text from Twitter and send it to the Serial monitor. That sounds like a good start. Did you get the one that connects to Google working ?

The principle of getting data from your router will be similar. Look at the Google script and substitute your router's address for the Google one. That should get you connected to your router and you should get back some text. Get that far, post the script here and the output to the serial monitor. It should include the prompt for a username and password, but we will see.

I do not have an Ethernet shield or the same router but will do my best to help, as, I am sure, will others.

I've been trying all night to get the Google one to work, but no such luck.

It just tries to connect then fails, tries to connect then fails. I've tried every combination I can think to try.

Any advice?

I've been trying all night to get the Google one to work, but no such luck.

Can you connect to google using the IP address in the sketch, from your browser?