Bandwodth betwwen two routers


What about if we plug a router with a 10 Mega NIC with a 1 Giga NIC ?

Let's suppose the 1 GIGA NIC is sending data to the 10 Méga NIC.

Is there a kind of overload for the NIC that is not powerful enough ?

Or can we continue all the same the communication without any loss ?

thanks for help

If the routers are functioning correctly, the routers will communicate at 10M with no loss.

Ok, but how is it possible ?

I mean is it due to physical (Layer 1) possibility for discovery of clock?

Or is there a specific protocol providing the line rate ?


I'm not sure about which layer does the actual speed negotiation. I can set the speed manually on my routers, but it can cause problems with other devices.

You might want to ask the same question on a networking/router forum.

This is a quote from a Cisco doc on auto negotiation.

Auto-negotiation is an optional function of the IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet standard that enables devices to automatically exchange information over a link about speed and duplex abilities.