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I have a basic concept to build a bar charting display. Generically the data is retrieved from a source and the results are displayed in a bar chart format. The data collection routines are done (for a.similar project that displays the data in voltmeters). In this case I want to raise 5 or 6 wood bars up and down based on the specific data retrieved.

I keep second guessing the type of motor and general approach to accurately (it does not to be that accurate, but in the ballpark) raise and lower small light weight blocks of wood. I would love some suggestions or maybe even pointing to a similar project.

Stepper motors are good for precise positioning where more than 180 degrees of rotation are required.

Servos are good for 0 to 180 degrees (some sail winch servos go several turns but are expensive).

Regular DC motors with encoders can be as precise as the encoder will allow.

Each motor will need its own type of driver except maybe servos which contain their own driver.

The choice of motor can also depend on the power available. Steppers are not very efficient so not good with batteries, for instance.

How much torque does the motor need to generate? How fast?

Choose the motors after you have built the display part.

To choose the motors you need to know the weight of the bars, their lengths, how they will be moved, the friction encountered, and how fast they will be moved.

All those factors are needed to determine the minimum motor torque, speed and power required.

I would use hobby servos. A basic Arduino like an UNO or a Nano can control 12 servos. I would put a pulley on the servo, choosing the pulley circumference to be twice the desired range of movement. That way a turn of the pulley can pull a string to lift the wooden block any desired amount. A second string to the top of the block could pull the block down if gravity alone is not sufficient.

A servo and pulley might do the trick. All my Arduino experience is playing with leds and analog voltmeters,.so excuse the ignorance... Is there a good example project or example using a servo and.pulley?

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Take a view here to gain the knowledge:
or similar examples.

Have a nice day and enjoy coding in C++.
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