Bar graph tutorial error(s)

Pictorial image incorrect in that the circuit to the resistors is incomplete/open.

tried to post picture...failed

Please post a link to where you saw the incorrect image

Tell me again HOW to post a link from the arduino app, please...

If you found it on the Internet somewhere, Just add the URL of that page to a reply. The forum software will automatically turn that into a link, usually with a preview of the page.

For example:

If I add this URL to a reply:

Then you get this nice link:

Very well. Thank you. Now I know what a URL looks like.

So back to the issue: look at the pictorial diagram just above the schematic. So where is the connection from the resistor common to ground?

It's missing, from what I can tell.

I think the best place to report this error to those at Arduino who have the power to fix it is via the contact form here:

okay, how do I add the URL ti a reply?

Use copy and paste. You can learn about that here:

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