Barcode piano

I’d like to share a project developed by me and other two students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID,
It is a project that aims at teaching barcodes to children through the use of music.


It has been developed in 4 days during Massimo Banzi/David A. Mellis/David Gauthier’s Physical Computing class.
Feedback is welcome!





Awesome project!
I noticed a typo in the (beautifull) video, 'an unique sound'.


Really cool, but why would children need to read barcodes?

Thanks for your question.
Barcode is a technology that is very common but there are many aspects that are not clear to the vast majority of people (ie, 4 b/w stripes signify a number). The project is about making children grasp these concepts, not about making them read a barcode.

Thanks for your comments!

Nice project, so many things and concepts can be learned and remember so much better and faster if one mixes fun into it. Nice project, particularly like the etched wooden frame. :slight_smile:

In case you want to see more of the process that has brought us to develop such project please have a look at this webpage
(in case the link breaks please refer to: )

Even if the schematics and the source code are quite simple I thought someone might be interested in having access to them.
So here they are, just scroll to the very bottom of this page:

...Let me know if you find any mistake!
Have a good day.