Barcode reader and customer display details needed


Perhaps a long shot but I hope somebody is able to help me out on this one.

I got two items from a supermarket owner who was cleaning out his basement.
It’s a Vertical Barcode scanner VS1200 and a Customer display Tec FIUT-70 (it would be nice to be able to use them in a future Arduino project).

Unfortunately he didn’t have any cables, documentation or power supplies for this equipment. Searching the web I was able to find some info on the scanner, but none of the info included the interface or power connector pin outs.
From the documentation I was able to retrieve the power requirements of the scanner (+5V@1A, +12V@0.8A, -12V@0.2A), but as mentioned, no pin-out. I’v also seen references to Y-cables but againg no (schematic) details.

The customer display is more of a mystery since I didn’t get any hits related to this item.
The only thing I know about it is that is supposed to run on 24V DC and by judging the info on most other (brand) displays it’s possibly capable of forwarding data to a printer.
After opening the display I did a search on some of the components, but only could find data about the two VDF drivers. The VDF’s are 16 char 5x7 dot-matrix and 20 char 5x7 dot-matrix.
The type numbers might be on the back of the displays but I don’t like to desolder them with the risk of damaging them.

I’ve put some bigger pics on my website hoping they will assist in shedding some light on these two devices.

What I would like to know:
For the barcode scanner:

  • What is the pin-out of the Barcode scanner power plug.
  • What is the pin-out of the 26-pin connector (the RJ45 connector won’t be used by me but info is welcome)
  • Any details about the Y-cable

For the customer display:

  • What is the pin-out and purpose of connector CN1 (labeled FIU)
  • What is the pin-out and purpose of connector CN2 (labeled RIU)
  • Any details on the communication protocol.

Any help/info is much appreciated.