Barcode Scanner

So I need a system so that a worker can scan a box with a barcode on it, and light will flash or a lid will open, indicating where to pour the contents of the box.

It is being paid for by an external company, so money isn't a big problem, however our team is very limited in knowledge, so the simplest, most efficient idea would be best.

Thanks for the help!

Need more details.
Do you have a barcode scanner already? If so, which one?
For the output side: flashing an LED is very simple, opening the lid of a box a little harder (but much more complex to build due to the mechanics).
How many boxes?
If opening a lid: how big and heavy would a lid be? Assume 90° movement is enough?

What do you need for this? Coding, coding + hardware suggestions, a fully built project, or something else?