bare conductive touch board and neopixels - not lighting up right

Hello - I tried to find a Bare Conductive forum but I see people posting here so hopefully someone can help.

I am using the Bare Conductive touch board with conductive paint and 26 RGB neopixels. I have pixel check at the start of my loop and the pixels are all a lovely bright white. In the code I use a button counter to count the number of times a sensor is touched - after 5, the Neopixels light up - but sadly are only a dull orangish - sort of like there’s not enough power… but that first pixel check looks great…

Any ideas?

I am running the Neopixels from the 5v (also tried 3V - same issue). no other sensors - just three 30mm circles of conductive paint.

I’m attaching my code.

Thank you, Rachel

TOUCH_3.ino (4.19 KB)

Schematics are useful about now even if they are hand drawn.

If you are trying to power all the LED's from the ARduino you will probably end up burning out something.
Led's can consume more current than the Arduino can supply (QTY and TYPE dependant).

There are a variety of neopixel's so the exact type would also be relevant to power consumption.


I'm attaching my code.

Failed to read the instructions then did you? :astonished:

I am running the Neopixels from the 5v

What 5 V? You need an adequate 5 V supply for the LED strips, and this same supply can also be used to supply the Arduino either via its 5 V input or possibly, the USB jack. From where are you getting this 5 V supply? :astonished: