Bare conductive touchboard - cable run


I am trying to use copper tape

With the bare conductive touchboard and with a cable run of about 7 meters.

The cable is this one

And it doesn't work.

The longest I have managed to have the cable running at is about 2 meters after that the readings are not very reliable.

Can anyone suggest how I can increase this cable to 7 meters?



Not knowing what you are sending over the cable exactly, I assume you need gain which can be obtained with the use of an op-amp in the the sending side.

Is the wire being used for touch sensing? If so, I'm surprised you get 2 meters to work! Touch sensing is particularly fiddly, because it's a very weak signal - you don't have to pick up much noise to make it stop working.

spycatcher2k - this was my backup plan but wanted to check if there was something else I could do

DrAzzy - yes I am using touch sensing.

Yeah, cable runs for touch sensinf (between sensor board and sensing element, ie, the thing you touch) should be kept as short as practical.