Bare minimum working board Arduino uno

  1. I am using arduino uno R3 & v1.6.5

  2. Now I have programmed my code into it & want to move to board. I have made a mare minimum circuit which i need so that programmed MCU can run as it was on uno board. It is attached.

  3. I don’t need reset switch.
    Will use inductor in case I have analog function.
    Need to use external osc as in uno board.
    Circuit has to work with +5V.

  4. I have also left a ISCP header with jumpers in case it is required.
    Can I program new microcontroller in the actual circuit only instead of first putting in uno board & then put back in circuit.
    I have left ISCP connector for this purpose only, but how to use it?

Design1.pdf (28 KB)

You can program the chip using an uno board without chip and connecting 5V, Gnd, Rx and Tx pins. See the tutorial on I don't see interference from your attached circuit, but am no expert.

  1. Wow - I've never seen someone actually put the inductor in!

  2. Yes, absolutely.

You can:

Program via ISP only (use USBAsp or Arduino running ArduinoAsISP sketch, and upload sketch using file -> upload using programmer)

Bootload the chip (via ISP) and then program normally, over serial, using a USB-Serial adapter.
Connect Vcc, Gnd, Rx, Tx to the external adapter (remember that Tx of one goes to Rx of the other), and connect DTR on the adapter to one side of a 0.1uf cap, and reset to the other side of that cap, then it will work like a normal Arduino, and you can get the serial monitor, upload normally, etc.