Barebones arduino


I'm looking for some help in creating a stripped down version of arduino.

I will program the chip on the duemilanove board I have purchased, and move the chip over to a breadboard.

So basically I need to know which pins to use. I guess I need to feed it with 5 volts and hook it up to ground, also somehow hook a crystal up for accurate timing for PWM.

Any clues?

Hi, check out this:

Arduino - Home

That is exactly what I'm looking for, thanks!

Hi, check out this:

Arduino Playground - HomePage

Looks interesting, but a bit too advanced for me I think :open_mouth:

You could take a look at the schematic and BOM for my PICO
board. Just eliminate the things you do not need.

Things I would keep --

  • filtering for ADC Vcc
  • protection diode for the reset pin
  • decoupling caps close to the appropriate pins

(* jcl *)