Barebones with 328 in a QFN/MLF package.

I quite like the idea of making a barebones board to take advantage of the extra pins of a 328 in qfn/mlf variant....but before I waste time going down that road, does anyone know if its already available off the shelf?

Uh, the "arduino pro mini"?

I sell breakout boards that work with x8 series

Arduino Pro Mini


Uh, the "arduino pro mini"?

Ha. I deserve that for not adding the "tried pro minis but dont like how they break out the upper adc pins" :slight_smile:

You may like a Nano. Or if you want to roll your own there is some interesting stuff in this other thread about using common "DIP" adapter boards to make bare bones Arduinos quickly and inexpensively, check out what john1993 shows:

Thanks all.... I've since discovered that there are minis with all the A pins broken out at an edge as opposed to mine which puts a few in the middle of the board. problem solved, thanks for the advice (here and in pm)