Barometric Sensor

we want to start a new project, which called project potato. So we need an barometric sensor to measure up to 70 bars. Can anyone tell me, where I can find it ?
Thanks !!

Hmmm. Does this go in the Potato Cannon??

Yes, but a little one. We want to start a school project. So we need some things to do that and we can't find the barometric sensor.

It can also be a sensor to measure up to 40bars

It also has to have fast response to 'see' the explosion.

Well you do not need to restrict your search to just 'barometric' sensors, simple pressure sensors that cover the same pressure range are just as useful, and probably cheaper.

Barometric sensors will be broken at 40 bars. Most of them claim to measure in the range of about 0.05 to 1.1 bars.