Barrel rifling machine

Hello, I am hopping for some ideas and advice.

My problem: I shoot historic competitive Muzzle loading rifle. The problem is the rifle is pretty warn out smooth. Enfield muscatoon.
Machine I am proposing is: I have built a re-rifling machine, Or you could call it a barrel polishing machine .
What I have:
I have a mega 2560 with a ramps board as well as lcd screen for the ramps. same as an ender 3d printer to this I have two MT-1704HSM168A motors.
one is for travail and one is for twist.
I have designed and printed, feet, a carage motor holder, brakes, a cutter tip holder. so I am all good to go.

Only thing to still finish the design is the barrel clap and to print them. This will be done in the next few days.

Ok so as this is a .577 caliber it is rather big so very ezze to design a plastic cutter crier to re cut the rifling. I am considering using a TIG welding carbide rod as the cutter.

Ok so now the part that has me flumixed!

I thought I would simply install a camera slider software , change a few settings, put in a loop and away I would go.
Install merlin cad program, change a few settings install a router g code and way I would go.

Not that simple and I am not the bright.

So I was hopping someone in the community would be so kind as to help with a little advice.

So my question:
is there a camera slider program for this set up?
in Merlin how do I remove sections of code (like the heaters) with out the entire program not working, reformatting failing when checking?

Thanks guys

Enfield musketoon P-1861
Cal. :
Barrel Lenght:
Bore Diameter:

Inches and (mm)
.578 (14,70)
Rifling Depth:
Nr of Grooves:

Are you planning to do the five rifling grooves in five passes?

Also, since I know little about muskets, is it truly a musket once it has rifling?

Hi thank you for getting back
You are quite rite a musket is smooth, but this is what it was called 200 years ago. so technically it is a rifle but not by name.

So here we can do one groove then rotate to the next or do all 5 sequentially, but a further complication is the cutter is thinner than the grove , so each grove will have to be done progressively.

That thing is a beast! How does your shoulder feel after using it for a while?

Another way to do it would be to put GRBL on the Arduino and figure out some custom G-code.

Personally, I'd write something custom to drive two stepper motors to do the job.

Ja it is big but as it is black power it is soft to shoot so just a big push aposed to modern guns that thump.

Ja I am with you on custome code, for now, just to get running.

Just a question. There are quite a few camera sliders that use a NANO , how do I load this onto a mega 2560 with ramps?

do I just set my Arduno programing panel to megga , copy and paste the code in and when I upload it will work on the mega?

Sorry , I am terably dislexic when I am tierd.

It won't work directly on the Mega.

You will need to look at the Nano code to see what pins it is using for stepper motor control. Step and direction for sure, maybe enable too.

Then you need to look at Ramps to find out what the equivalent pins are for the two motors you need and change the camera slider code to match.

Then it still won't work and it will be debugging time :-;

Regarding the camera part and filming there are boroskopes on Ebay, Banggood etc. for quite low prices, 10 - 20 USD. Suppose You do the machining from one end of the barrel and do the filming from the other end.
Regarding cutter material there are skilled and respected people having Youtube channels that I could recommend. Search for Keith Rucker. He's one hell of a guy in restoring old things.

Thanks for that you guys..

I ll make a start tomorrow on getting the code changed..

Ill have a look at murlin 3d printer software, again and see if I cant see the out put pins there.. that was a great idea looking for the equivalent pins.

This is not an old gun, it was made in the 70's by Parker Hale, but it has had a lot of shooting and with I think paper patches so that is like sand paper,, so its basically perfectly rubbed down, and I just want to restore some rifling back.

I am off to bead.

Hi Rail roader.. I do not wana look down the bore, with a camera, a camera slider is a track for running a camera on for filming ,, guys build them with a run and turn motor, so I thought I would use this software set up to run a rod with a cutter or polishing head thingy in and out the barile to cut some rifeling or restor what was there, some.

sorry for the confusion.


Hi Rail roader, Like you say ,, we are not trains , so I am trying to think a little out the box..

Try here.

wow ,, ok so Ill check this out,,

Chat tomorrow

Yeah. Go on, good luck.

I sincerely hope you have some practice barrels to learn on before doing the good one!

@Paul_KD7HB has a very good point - how do you plan to test this? You're going to need a great deal of precision and a guarantee that you didn't miss any steps, particularly if you're going to have to make multiple passes on each groove.

Hi guys. So I was thinking I would use a pice of pencil to track the strokes.

What I have been doing is assembling my machine. And taking some pictures.