basic animatroinc project

hi everyone i am doing a basic animatronic project and im completely new to the arduino so basically im using 3 servos to open 3 mouths on my project (which i have got working) one opens it pauses then closes then the next one does the same then the next one. What im looking to do is have each one talk while they are open talk. I have 3 self powered speakers which you record a message on and then playback by pushing a button, what im looking to do is bypass the button so i can time it to go off when the mouth opens but i am completely unsure on the wiring on the breadboard and the code to do this? Any help would be very much appreciated :slight_smile: thanks in advance -Scottee

We need to see the inside of the speaker. Usually you can use a transistor to "push the button" with arduino. This involves finding which end of the button is ground and connecting the other side to a transistor. Also, consider getting an mp3 module if you want to play more sounds.

Hey here is the unit i want to use. Only after 1 sound per head soo this should do fine :slight_smile:

Yellow wired button is playback red is record btw

First find where the ground is (possibly the exposed metal. Find out which prong of the switch is connected to the ground with continuity test on multimeter. Mark the wire that is opposite to the prong as ground and the other wire as signal. Repeat for the second button. When you are not pushing the button, there should be 3V maybe voltage on the signal compared with ground. Make sure you get that, not -3V. The rest is to use a transistor to press the button.