Basic arduino morse modem

its been a while since I posted this link:

almost ten years in fact,
back then I wanted to send morse via some PMR radios, and have it recieved and decoded back into text.
I succeeded in my needs on that project as all I wanted to do was to send a reconizable code upon an event being monitored by the arduino, as a crude alarm system.
I was able to get a few of the letters of the alphabet to repeatably send. I called it good and kept on with the project.

10 years later and I still have the itch that needs scratching. I still want to be able to send data over a radio link with an arduino.

does anyone know of a better way of doing it these days ?
The criteria I imagine that I want are the following:

  1. have a text input on a pc and or keypad/lcd combo.
  2. have the text sent over PMR radios or similar, the key being freely availble radios, and cheaply available.
  3. have it decoded at the other end, and displayed on the lcd and or pc in a serial output etc.

since trying years ago ive got certain radio modules to work, modules made for the job etc, but I still want to try and use arduino.

any help would be appreciated as I delve into google and try to find a newer solution .

also as a note, if grumpy mike is still around. Do you know of anywhere with the same info as in the now dead link you posted?

flagging it for @Grumpy_Mike (hopefully notification works)

You may take a view here to get some ideas:

Yes they work.

I managed to find it here:-

Note this was the same link as I originally posted, although clicking on that URL in the post doesn't seem to work any more. This one works.

thanks mike,
my electronics knowlege has prgressed a lot in the last ten years, hopefully i can get it working properly now......... and scratch the itch!

strange that the original link in the post doesnt work

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