Basic Beginner Question

I'd like to create an air soft target for my daughter that flashes lights for a few seconds after being struck. I'm a total noob at this stuff, and don't even know what that would be called. My question is, then; What should I search for to find out how to begin the project? I don't know any of the technical terms, so my searches for direction have been fruitless thus far. Thanks in advance.

This will help you on the right track.


Thanks for the reply. From what I gather from the link, I'd want a piezo to act as "button" to trigger the desired lighting response. In the event that this all becomes too much to learn in too short of time (I'd like to have this done in a few weeks), are there professionals that do this kind of thing?

A saturday afternoon is all you really need and some occasional questions on the forum if you get stuck probably.

There are but im sure you can do it.

If I was you first order the parts that the page suggests or just a cheap arduino starter kit which should have all the above included.

Then install the arduino ide on the pc, connect everything as they show you on the page, upload that code onto your arduino board .

When you knock next to the piezo there is a small on-board led light on the arduino that should flash if everything is working.

Once you get that to work then you can just google how to blink a led with an arduino and add that to your code there will be plenty examples.