Basic code for serial (midi) input to blink the Rx led?


I'm having no success in making my Arduino UNO react to incoming midi data on the serial input (Rx).
I've tried modifying the example sketches that came with the Arduino IDE, changed the baud rate, used some pieces of code from the MIDI Library 3.2 examples, to no avail, I even corrupted the boot-loader on the Atmega328p a couple of times. Lucky me I have a duemilanove that I used to re-burn the boot-loader on the UNO (that was also a bit of a challenge).

Could you guys post some simple code that makes the UNO blink the Rx led when there is incoming midi data? I could not find a sketch or a tutorial on how to do this.

I performed the loop-back test Arduino Forum and the UNO passed it, so the serial input should be working ok.

I'm also thinking of connecting the midi output from the UC-33e midi controller directly to the UNO serial input (bypassing the optocoupler 6N135), would that make sense? Just to check if it's the couplers fault.

hopefully this is not too much for my first post here

thanks for any ideas or suggestions