Basic Coding help

I'm very new to coding and I need to make some lines of code in order for my Arduino Mega Rev3 to be able to track the time. Help would be very appreciated. Apologies for how new I am.

If you want code written for you, post in Gigs and Collaborations, and have your wallet handy.

What do you mean by time? An Arduino does not know time of day unless you have an RTC shield or a wireless shield or an Ethernet shield, just time since starting (in microseconds or milliseconds).

We urge you to study the examples which come with the IDE. The more you do and understand, the better you will be at sketch writing.

You must fully describe your criteria prior to writing code. .

google C++ for beginners, by Scott Sanderson. free ebbok to get you started

Your arduino tracks the number of milliseconds since it was turned on, to within an accuracy of 5% or so.

If that's not what you meant, what did you mean?