Basic Countdown Timer With Arduino

Hi All, I need to make a basic countdown timer with a few features in it. First of all, it should be able to count down from what the user has entered as an input. E.g. 5.00 or 10.00 minutes. And then, when the time expires, it should make a voice like "beep beep beep". And whenever we want, we should be able to add extra 20 seconds. When we press the (physical) button or something else multiple times, e.g 4 times, it should add extra 80 seconds.

I need to develop this project, and please keep in mind that I am not familiar with Arduino (Worse than a beginner). Actually, I don't know anything about arduino except that we can done this project with an arduino.

If you guide me (resources etc.), I would be really happy...

Welcome to The Forum. the first thing to do is familiarize yourself with the software programming for the Arduino. follow the examples in the software for things like blinking lights. one example is Blink without delay. that introduces you to timing. as you play with that example you can create a simple countdown timer. there are other examples about making sounds. in just a few hours you should be able to make most of what you're looking for without anything other than just and Arduino and the software. as for sounds there are many ways to play sounds one thing you would need to figure out is if you only want 2 or 3 sounds or you want a huge library of possible sounds.

in a couple hours you should be able to create your timer and some simple sounds. The next part you need to add I believe is a keypad. that will also have examples in the free software to download for your Arduino.

I think this video will give you some idea -

kalmageddon1: If you guide me (resources etc.), I would be really happy...

Do you have an Arduino board? If yes, which type of Arduino board? If not, why do you start a new thread about programming Arduino boards?