basic interfacing

hey guys, sorta new to this whole "microprocessor" stuff, very interesting, love it... anyways, i am dreaming of having my arduino talk to my pc (in the metaphorical sense) and i see many examples of people using the arduino to interface with specific programs as well as java code they made on their own... and this blows my mind... but i cant find any tutorials / lessons on how to start doing this

can anyone pls send me in the right direction...

Cheers, AV

A popular choice for integrating with PC software is Processing. Processing uses the same Integrated Development Environment as Arduino so its easy to get started. The programming language is not exactly the same, but like Arduino it is intended for non-programmers. More on Processing here:

You can find other integration choices here:

I am working on a project that i hope to finish a 0.1 version of in a few days. It's kind of a "generic proxy" program to use with Arduino.

This program (windows only - :-( ) will run on a PC and talk to Arduino over the serial port. The program will allow Arduino to send commands (simple strings) and then do "something" in response to these commands.

The program defines a set of commandtypes that can be used as "templates" to create commands that Arduino can ask the program to execute.

For now i have serveral commandtypes, like:

send an email start a program on the PC start a program and wait until i finishes download a file from the internet read a file and return data to Arduino log data to a file, with optional timestamp start a program and let Arduino "type" data into it. + a few more

the last one from the list will litteraly allow Arduono to start say Excell, send data diectly into cells in a spreadsheet, and save the sheet (and even email it to someone)

The program can also be set up to check a POP3 mailbox for incoming mails on a regular schedule, and send commands from the mails to Arduino.

Everythng is basically working by now, i just have some testing, and debugging to do.

thanks to both of u, and mikmo that sounds very cool, il look into what ure doing.... as for the processing, ive come across it a few times... atleast not i know what it is...

btw, i am fairly good with some other coding languages, and its easy for me to learn new ones, so i was gonna ask exactly in what programming language is "Processing", or is it just c++ with different libraries that the standard arduino IDE ?

Processing is like C or JAVA. I havent made anything with Processing yet, but i did by a book about it:-)

If you have experience with other high level languages you won't have problems understanding Processing.

One difference is that Processing is made with "visual artist" in mind, so it's focused on graphics, but it's still a full fledged programming language.

Processing is like C or JAVA. I havent made anything with Processing yet, but i did by a book about it:-)

It is JAVA in a nice sexy dress. If you really need to, you can ask Processing to run Java code for you.

cool, i was just planning to start learning java anyways...

I would reccomend taking a look at the simple java example on the playground:

both processing and the arduino IDE are based on java so you might want to start there.