Basic IR break beam setup?

I recently received these

Infrared Diode LED IR Emitter and Receiver for Arduino , Raspberry, TV Controlling 5 pairs

And I can’t find any code or circuit info to set these up in a simple break beam configuration. Everything I found is for ir pairs that include some sort of board or breakout or are otherwise already built and ready to use.

Can anyone point me to some resources to figure out how to build a break beam sensor across about a 5" span?

Without alignment you require sine wave calculations and more. You need a mathematician.

Maybe a link on this page. They shipped me those once by accident and I could keep them. I haven't used them yet.

Those links won't work for the 3-pin 38kHz receivers that OP has.
Sketch attached to generate the 38kHz for the IR transmit LED.
A second Arduino can be used for the 3-pin receiver.
The receiver outputs a LOW when modulated IR light falls on it, and a HIGH when not.

const byte IR_LEDpin = 11; // IR transmitter LED with 100ohm (minimum) CL resistor

void setup() {
  pinMode (IR_LEDpin, OUTPUT);
  TCCR2A = _BV (COM2A0) | _BV(WGM21);
  TCCR2B = _BV (CS20);
  OCR2A =  209; // ~209 = ~38kHz | ~219 = ~36kHz

void loop() {

Visual follow up to Wawa's response (with 38Khz; not 36Khz:

The 3-pin sensors from the link (VS1838B) might or might not work with continuous 38kHz IR.
If they don't, modulated (interrupted) modulated (38kHz) must be used.
That also requires more code on the receiver side.

I currently use TSSP4038 (not TSOPxxxx) sensors for my beam-break poject.
They seem to be made for uninterrupted modulated IR.

Those links won't work for the 3-pin 38kHz receivers that OP has.

Stupid me, only looked at the thumbnails (not the full image) and it looked the same.

Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for your replies to an admittedly sketchy question. I was hoping to emulate the break beam pairs being sold by adafruit et al, using a single arduino mega for a pair of them.
I'm building a device that measures the initial speed of a golf ball when hit with a putter. Was hoping to have a pair of beams a couple of centimeters apart as the timing mechanism, the golf ball breaking one then the other and measuring the elapsed time.
Should I just buy a much more expensive pair of break beams or is there hope for copying it with just the ir leds and receivers I already bought?