Basic motion tracking with 2(3) PIR sensors

I'm semi-following Lucky Larry's Basic motion tracking with 2 PIR sensors guide, accept mine is 3 PIR sensors. Here is the link to the guide i'm following.

I Basically rewritten the code, but still using the same pins as the guide. In the guide he's using a servo, but in my project i want to use a DC motor that came out of a heat gun. This DC Motor (Huana RS-365S) has a small flat platform making it perfect to mount my camera. All the PIR sensors work (btw, i had to go a buy 2 more, had to pay more for them and couldn't wait 2 weeks for more) How do i make this DC motor work with my project? i'm pretty sure i will have to use a 9v to power the motor, but how do i hook it all up?

If you use a servo or a stepper motor you can basically tell the motor to go to a position. If you use a DC motor you will need to start using encoders of some sort so that you can tell where the motor is and control its position.

Found a Mitsumi QH4-4240 in an old printer, 3 yellow wires, 1 blue.

Do i need a driver for this?