Basic Motor Setup? (Building a Panorama Mount)

Completely new to Arduino. Need to make something to turn a motor at a certain speed (very slow) by the push of a switch. If somebody could list me what parts I would need for this, it would be greatly appreciated! I will be buying my first Arduino and the components tomorrow!

Reply on another thread (thought i may get some replies in a different section):

What voltage/current is the motor your trying to drive?
6V or 9V. I haven’t bought the motor yet.
What type of motor is it (AC, DC, Stepper, etc)?
Whichever is most suitable. I’ve been suggested stepper, however the rotation has to be pretty smooth.
Does it only turn in one direction or will you want it to turn either way?
Turns in one direction.
Define very slowly. x revolution per (second, minute, hour, day, other)?
1 Revolution per minute is ideal
What load (weight) has this motor to turn/move.?
Approx 100g (iPhone)
How accurate/smooth does the rotation need to be.?
As smooth/accurate as can be. This isn’t vital though.

Need a list of components and how I would go about it please! Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Arduino unnecessary
Unless it's supposed to go around some amount of time or till it gets to some point.
With a momentary pushbutton (dead-man) switch, it'll turn while the switch is activated.
Your "load" is next to "no load" for this motor.

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