basic motors w/ arduino

Is it possible to just control one 3 volt dc motor like you would an led? without too much external circuitry?

Hi Bennyandthejets, That might depend on how you want to control it!! Do you want it to turn both ways, do you need speed control....

At a minimun you will need a FET (logic level) and a couple of resistors and a diode, this would allow you to turn the motor on and off, with speed control if needed. If you want to drive the motor both ways, then you need a driver, a basic L293 chip and components to go with it or buy a complete module or shield.

Give us more info, as to just what you hope to do.

Hope it helpd, Regards


Motors take a lot more current than LEDs, motors are also inductive, motors also can rotate in two directions...

So you need something to control large currents and some other bit of circuitry to prevent inductive voltage spikes from destroying the switching component. If you want to reverse the motor you need 4 switching elements in a configuration known as an H-bridge.

Motors come in all sorts of sizes and powers, so simply saying "3V motor" isn't very useful - is it 0.1A, 1A or 5A stall current, for instance?