Basic Project

Hey guys,

I'm new to micro-controllers and everything electrical, I'm actually a web developer and technology lover.

I've decided to get a Arduino to learn about the electronics side of computing and more basic programming & I/O.

With that in mind can anybody suggest any cool projects I could work on to expand my knowledge and get to grips with the platform?

Ultimately I'd love to create a pong game with LEDs! But for now I think a more basic project is in order, but maybe a bit more indepth than turning an LED on and off!

Many thanks!

Hi, Some of the online Arduino resellers have downloadable experimenter guides and online tutorials for intermediate projects, also checkout the playground section here.

Duane B

Welcome to arduino forum! What about a cylon eye scanner? There's plenty of examples online to get you started. All you need is a breadboard, some jumper wires, a few LEDs and resistors.

Just google "arduino cylon eye scan" :)