basic RFID board connection question

Hi everyone. I just got my shipment of twenty ten, ethernet shield, SD card shield and the RFID board. I didnt need any instructions how to mount the ethernet and SD card boards, but the RFID unit is not obvious to me...pls help...I did try to search for diagrams and forum content but to no avail. thanks in advance. It has 5 pins on 1 edge and 3 pins on the opposite edge. I am guessing the 2 pin connection up the other end is for the antenna connection...
thnx in advance

You know there are dozens of RFID readers. The wiring depends on which one you actually have. Do you have a part number or better still a link to what you have?

on the packet it says RFR101A1M

rfid module UART

made by seeed studio

Will this do?

PERFECT... thanks Champion