Basic shutter control for Canon Powershot G12

I understand the Canon Powershot G12 cameras have shutter control through a basic mini stereo plug (3.5mm I think).

My question(s) is, has anyone tried this (I am sure), and it seems like a basic switch… but what volts should be sent to the camera thru the Arduino, and what pins are used, etc? Seems like a basic sketch would work.

Thanks in advance!


Have a look at this:

Thanks for the link. I checked that out before, but I am not that experienced in Arduino yet :confused:

I seen another article where you can simply use a basic off/on switch, thru the pins, thru a 3.5mm cable, similar to the unit Canon sells. Just not sure of the volts to send, and how long to pulse it etc...

Anyone else out there can help really quick? thanks :slight_smile:

Example of the unit they sell

You don't feed ANY volts into the connector.

According the your link the external remote works on the G12 and EOS DSLRs so you google 'Canon remote shutter pinout' and find something like :: camera remote release pinout list which tells you that the camera expects 2 switches at the end of the cable.

You could probably do it with transistors instead of mechanical switches if you use a multimeter to determine the voltage on the 'focus' and 'shutter' wires.

Do not connect these wires directly into an arduino or any other microcontroller.

I have a plug-in "remote'' that works (no batteries and no silicon) that I can pull apart for a strip down if you like. I also on a G12.