Basic Shutter Control on Canon M50

The Canon M50 does not have a "standard" shutter release cable port.

With Canon's EOS Utility Version 3 and a USB cable connected between computer and M50's Micro B port I can fire the shutter and take have the camera take a picture. I can also fully control the camera settings and even download files but I am not interested in that.

All I want is to be able to connect a standard shutter 3.5 mm jack cable (which grounds one pin when you wish to take a picture) to the Arduino, and connect the camera with a USB cable to the Arduino and have the Arduino take a photo- when it gets the signal from the 3.5 jack that's all.

Is this possible?

You could try asking Canon for their proprietary USB protocol (which the PC application runs). You would also need a "host shield" for the Arduino USB connection to the camera.

If you're very, very lucky, Canon might provide an SDK for writing your own PC to camera interface. But that would run on a PC, not an Arduino.

It can probably be done, but you're going to have to find out what the protocol is as aarg mentioned.

It appears that there are remotes that can command that camera. You might be able to research the signals they send and have the Arduino replicate them. Or just get one and have the Arduino use a servo to press the button on the remote.

I also saw a thingiverse design for something that fits on the manual shutter release to press it on demand.

I was hoping that the PTP Cannon library would have shutter control.

On a different path there is a person that created a Bluetooth based intrvalometer not exactly what I need.

I need direct wired control (to an Arduino or similar based solution) that can be fired through a normal shutter release cable as the trigger.

Thanks for the input.