basic Stepper board .. looking for help getting it going.? anyone ?

Anyone help in sketch /code that could get this going?

did anyone ever use these... are they any good/realibale, need it for a mini linear stepper motor + a 5 v cheap ass stepper motor

any help would be appreciated

its details are
comes with protection resistor, and filter electrolytic capacitor, and output running indicator.
Module input voltage: DC5V (power + - pole do not reverse, the board has a standard)
Module size: 15mm * 25mm
Wiring method:

    • Connect the power supply (DC4-6V / 500mA-2A) .
      IN1, IN2, EN are access pulse, direction, enable.
      A + A - B + B- are connected to the two sets of stepper motor coil, that is, stepper motor four threads.
      Note:This module is not connected to power on the transfer, the need for external pulse signal!
      Package included:1x Mini Stepper Motor Driver Board

Is there a link to it?
Most stepper driver boards have a chip to drive the stepper lines.
Maybe it has this on the bottom?

I must have looked up the whole internet to find who makes it.... but can't seem to find a product page for it.... just ebayers selling it.... and on amazon here

this is the driverchip on it .. if it helps

They look very cheap, so I wouldn't trust one with anything critical or expensive but it looks like you have most of what you need in the first post to wire it up to experiment.

I'm not convinced that IN1 and IN2 are step and direction though. I found this which has a table showing how to use them.

they are super cheap, and like their small size, will try to with the tables u mentioned , try to get something going

The driver won't work with a typical low impedance stepper.

I think it would be okay for a small stepper motor, like 28BYJ-48.
Have it create these 4 step sequences
// 0110, 1100, 1001, 0011
// 0011, 1001, 1100, 0110
to turn the 2 different directions.
Leave the 5V pin on the motor open.

Thanks for your input guys !! will take it all onboard… !! and see how i get on !!